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    Prep Time

    15 Minutes
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    Cook Time

    30 Minutes
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    Total Time

    45 Minutes
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100g sorghum flour
60ml hot water
Pinch of salt
6 tbsp gor or jaggery

Pancakes aside this weekend. These gluten free sorghum flatbreads and are a more nutritious alternative to roti. These are high in calcium, iron, protein and fibre. As a child my mum served me this fantastic creation from india, gor on rotla. Gor (jaggery) is unrefined sugar, made from sugar cane juice. This recipe only requires 2 ingredients and the palm of your hand.


  • Combine the sorghum flour and salt, and pour in half of the water
  • Mix up the flatbread ingredients until dough forms, gradually adding the remaining water as needed
  • When the heaters enough to handle, need the dough with your hands until smooth for 3-5 minutes
  • Roll the dough into 6 equal sized balls and sprinkle a little sorghum flour on the rolling board
  • Flatten a ball and place it on the flour, add some more flour on top
  • With your palms, lightly press as well as rotate the roti, add more flour if required
  • If you are unable to do it this way, then roll the dough between two greaseproof papers or a sandwich bag
  • With a spatula gently lift up the roti, and place it on a hot tawa, flat frying pan or wok (no oil)
  • Cook the first side slightly for 1 minute, flip the roti and cook until brown spots appear on the 2nd side (facing the pan) , flip again until you see brown spots on the 3rd side
  • Serve with jaggery (melted), to which you can add a little coconut oil if you desire. These delicious and nutritious flatbreads can also be served with a curry of your choice, or dipped in chai for breakfast!
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