RAW PEANUT BUTTER + peanut milk 🥜

RAW PEANUT BUTTER + peanut milk 🥜

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    Prep Time

    15 Minutes
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    Cook Time

    30 Minutes
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    Total Time

    45 Minutes
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250g raw peanuts

This is super easy, and only takes 10 minutes! The nut butter has a milder taste than roasted peanut butter but just as delicious!


  • Blend raw peanuts on high speed
  • Within 1 minute the nuts will grind to flour, scrape down the edges and continue blending
  • After 1-2 minutes the nuts will form a dough, almost like a dry nut butter, don’t stop blending
  • Scrape down the edges and continue blending
  • Depending upon the strength of your blender, continuing this process for ~ 10 minutes, your nut dough will turn into a smooth and more liquid nut butter
  • Spread on toast or blend in with your breakfast smoothie!
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